Coxswain Clinic for Steering The Head of the Charles® Regatta

October 19th and 20th, 2018


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About the clinic:

Yaz Farooq teams up with Head Of The Charles® Regatta Chairman of Rules and Appeals Committee, John Lambert, for “How to Cox the Perfect Head Race” at the Head Of The Charles®. As they have every year since 2002, Yaz and John will help coxswains tackle the twists and turns of America's toughest head race and gear up for head racing season. This year Yaz will again share video examples from the coxswain seat and from shore, and John will demonstrate how to handle traffic through bridges and avoid penalties.


Whether you're a veteran cox or a novice you'll learn techniques for better race calling, smart tactical moves in high-pressure situations and how to effectively pace your team. You will be shown precise headings and exact instructions on how to handle every bridge and turn. If you attended last year it's worth coming back. Coaches are welcome.




















Officially sanctioned and STRONGLY recommended by the Head of the Charles® Regatta.






The Clinic will feature:

o Video shot from the coxswain seat and shore.

o Tactical adjustments to handle the big turns and bridges when in heavy traffic.

o Stroke by stroke instructions for nailing the Weeks Bridge turn

o Detailed diagrams that illustrate how to avoid penalties and collisions.

o Course and warm-up patterns explained in detail.

o How to effectively steer a bowloader in a head race.

o Head racing steering, strategies, pacing, Q&A.


*Also, door prizes from COXSWAINation and Nielsen-Kellerman!


Reviews from past clinics:

“I wish I had this clinic four years ago when I first raced here--would have saved me a ton of headache. This was fabulous. THANK YOU!”


“Thank you. The clinic was very helpful for the nerves. Even though the Charles is my home course, one can never be prepared enough.”


“Really expert knowledge which can be useful to all coxswains at all levels.”  


“Thanks for all of the great info! My boat finished first and we set a course record!”


















There will be two sessions:


Session #1: Friday, October 19th (12:00pm - 1:30pm)

Session #2: Saturday, October 20th (7:30am - 9:00am)




Location for both Sessions:     


CRI (Community Rowing, Inc.)

Harry Parker Boathouse

20 Nonantum Rd.

Brighton, MA 02135





































































About Yaz Farooq:


Yaz was the Women's 8+ cox on the U.S. Team from 1989 to 1996, winning the World Championship in 1995 along with three silver medals in that time. She competed in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. Yaz's favorite race is the Head of the Charles—a regatta her crews have won numerous times.

Yaz lived in Boston from 1989-1992 while training for the U.S. Team and says that she put in so many miles on the Charles that the course has been permanently etched in her brain. Yaz began rowing at the University of Wisconsin in 1984, and raced the Head Of The Charles® for the first time in 1985. She currently serves as the Head Women’s Rowing Coach at the University of Washington.


About John Lambert:

John first started rowing at Christ's College, Cambridge, England in 1969. He moved to Boston in 1982 and soon became a member of Cambridge Boat Club, eventually serving as Club President from 1996-98. John has rowed for CBC in every Head Of The Charles® since 1986, and is a member of an active group of CBC masters sweep rowers that regularly competes in European "Head" races. John has been involved in the Head Of The Charles® regatta organization in some capacity ever since first volunteering in 1983, and currently serves as a Managing Director on the Board of Head Of The Charles, Inc. John oversees the Rules and Appeals for the regatta.



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